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WPGW Radio would like to welcome you to our Special Features page.  Our goal here on www.wpgwradio.com is to bring you news, information, and even stories that you might not hear on WPGW AM/FM Portland.  It is our intent to bring you a part of Jay County that you might not have ever seen or ever even heard about.  Please visit some of our original content listed below. 

WPGW Breakfast Club:  Listen to archived audio of our Breakfast Club broadcast from the Ponderosa Steakhouse in Portland.  We have special guest each week talking about organizations and events in the area.   

Radio Auction:  A look at information containing one of our most popular shows, The WPGW Radio Auction, were you can buy goods or services at a great discounted price from your favorite local shops and eateries in our listening area.   

School & Business Delays:  You never quite know what the weather will be like in Indiana.  All you have to do is wait five minutes and it will change.  But you can listen to WPGW AM/FM Portland and check here on www.wpgwradio.com all the time for information and announcements on delays and cancellations were you live. 


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