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Advertise With WPGW

We take pride in the fact that WPGW advertisers brag about the results they receive from local radio advertising. We consider all of our advertisers a part of the WPGW family. As an advertising medium, our goal is to sell YOUR product and we do everything we can in order to do just that, including maintaining separation of competitive products, offering high-frequency schedule options to insure audience recognition of your message, and employing a variety of creative approaches in telling your story to our listeners. We do this while maintaining a rate structure designed to allow every business the opportunity to use our medium.



Our standards and ethics insure integrity among our advertisers in order to protect our audience. By consistently making sure all advertisers offer legitimate products and services, our audience does not hesitate to respond to commercials heard on our station. This environment of trust is not only conducive to selling your product, but adds credibility to your business as a member of the WPGW advertising family.



If you are new to radio advertising, welcome. We encourage you to listen to commercials played on our station. Feel free to speak to any of our advertisers for their experience with WPGW, then give us a call or send in an email request. A salesperson will call you, but not to sell our product to you. Their job is to help you find ways to sell your product to our listeners.


If that interests you, call us at 260-726-8780 or send an email to wpgw@wpgwradio.us


"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time." -- Henry Ford